About The Trainer

I’m a busy wife and mother of two amazing kidlets with a passion for health and fitness. For the past twenty years I’ve been active, whether it was bicycling, rollerblading or kickboxing, but it wasn’t until 2009 when I discovered CrossFit that I got into the best shape of my life. It was then that I learned there is more to simply being fit, it’s called “breathing fit”. It’s when you realize exercise is not an option, but a must and eating healthy isn’t just a good idea, but a necessity to feel your best and have your body be at optimal performance. My passion turned into a desire to motivate and inspire others to reach their fitness goals.

After my first Tough Mudder Race, I realized my two drawers full of fashion socks weren’t functional so I decided to start designing my own that would not only be functional, but also unique!

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Lisa Reddish

Training info:

In addition to coaching CrossFit classes at CrossFit Redline, Lisa is a personal trainer helping people lose inches, gain muscle, tone, build cardio endurance, and simply be the best they can be! She also coaches one on one or small groups for those training for Spartan or other obstacle type races.

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Benefits to Personal Training:

Look Amazing

Have an Overabundance of Energy

Love Yourself, Body, and Mind

Add Years to your Life

Having a personal trainer helps provide accountability, encouragement and the assurance that you are doing the best workout for your body and what you want to achieve.


Spartan SGX Certified Trainer

CrossFit L2 Certified Trainer

USAW Sport Performance Coach

CPR/AED Certified