Burn Boot Camp is appropriately named because you’ll “feel the burn” during and after every class! It’s really an ingenious concept: boutique fitness for women only in a comfortable environment. BBC (Burn Boot Camp) of Naples creates an atmosphere where like-minded women can come together, build confidence and inspire one another through fitness. BBC combines two types of training: burst training, the most effective way to burn body fat, which involves interval training with body weight only and strength training, building lean muscle mass, which allows the body to burn more calories at rest and shape the physique.
The workouts are designed to maximize your results in just 45 minutes. You’ll start with a warmup that focuses on dynamic exercises like push ups, lunges, or running for example. Then, as you’re jogging in place, the trainer explains the workout and demonstrates all the movements, as well as, at least one, but in a lot of cases two, modifications for each exercise. I love this because it’s not only reaching different fitness levels, but also giving you an option to scale down/up during your workout. Another cool thing BBC does is email you on Sunday evening with the “Weekly Protocol”. This gives you the breakdown of how your week will look. Monday may have lower body focus, Tuesday, core and cardio, Wednesday, Upper body circuit, etc. Each week the workout schedule rotates so that you are always surprised and challenged. BBC workouts follow a circuit style format and may be a partner workout or self-paced and either timed or repetition based. The trainers create new, innovative programs daily so you never do the same workout twice. At the end of each camp there is a “Finisher”. They usually only last a few minutes, but are often the most challenging part of the workout. The one day we formed two teams and two lines. Everyone held a squat position until it was their turn, at which time they performed three burpees and five sit ups. The first team to get through their line won. It was fun to see everyone cheering and pushing their teammates! 🙂

The trainers do a phenomenal job encouraging and motivating you during the workouts and praising you for your efforts. Jen, Ryan, and Miles were all terrific! I can’t wait to go back and take one of April’s camps! (she was just starting when I left 🙁 ) Most of my classes though were coached by Miles, who is super upbeat and has such a great rapport with his members. He starts off every class going around greeting each person with a “good morning” and a high five. Miles always focused on proper form and also did an awesome job recognizing when members could be pushed out of their comfort zones a little, by maybe giving them a heavier set of dumbbells or a weighted vest to wear during the workout. BBC also holds “Focus Meetings” which consist of one-on-one fifteen minute sessions in the gym with you and your trainer. Whether it’s advice regarding nutrition, performance, lifestyle, or weight loss, the trainers can help you reach your goals.

What separates BBC from so many other programs is the strong community of women that support each other and lift each other up. I loved seeing that they even encourage each other with fitness goals outside of class, whether it’s doing a 5k run or Spartan obstacle course race. So if you want a high energy, challenging workout in a comfortable environment chock full of high fives and lots of encouragement, give Burn Boot Camp a try! They provide child care, offer a free 14 day trial, and FREE Saturday camps! #strengthinourbodiesandpassioninoursouls <3

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