If you’re looking for classes that range from ballet barre to tribal dance in a female friendly , “non-judgement zone” environment, then The Sand Barre just might be where you find your flock! From the moment you step into The Sand Barre you’re greeted with smiling faces and once you walk back to the studio, slip off your shoes and grab a mat, you’re ready to start your hour journey to become a better you!

With more than half a dozen different class options offered you’re able to change it up and keep it interesting. They all target the body differently as well. Classic barre is going to be slow (painful lol), very controlled movements that are going to really sculpt and define where as Boot Camp Barre is going to give you more of a cardio workout. Whether you want to wear booty shorts or long leggings, honestly anything goes! All you need for class is your beautiful self, a water bottle, and if you want to bring your own mat that’s totally fine too. I LOVED the instructors ( attended classes led by 5 different ones)! What do they all have in common…POSITIVE ENERGY & ENCOURAGEMENT!

They recommend the Classic Barre class for beginners and I would have to agree that’s a good place to start, although definitely not easy! At the beginning of this class they have you get 1, 2, or 3 pound dumbbells. For those that know me, that’s a little less than I’m used to lifting. 😉 However, in no time at all, after holding your arms up and doing small circles and raises with those tiny weights you’re praying for it to end! Then onto the next challenge. Holding onto the barre, you are on your toes as if you’re wearing your highest stilettos (and I only wear those if I’m doing a photo shoot!). From that position you are doing very small movements again, slightly bending at the knees, only an inch up or down at a time. Holy wow! If you’re doing it right, your legs will be shaking! Just when you think you can’t take anymore, they switch to another movement. There’s mat work as well, different variations of push ups, planks, and sit ups. This class is excellent for really targeting all those small muscles and giving the body a lean, toned, and defined look which is not surprising since “this fitness method is founded on the technique of dance, mind body aspect of yoga, and the precision and core of pilates”.

Bootcamp Barre is similar to Classic, but combined with cardio intervals. This type of training is a fun and effective way to burn fat. I enjoyed the slightly faster pace of this class vs the Classic Barre. I also tried Tabata Barre which includes classic barre movements with short bursts of cardio. You have 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds rest (which as one of my clients phrases it, “transition”, because there’s barely a rest!). As a trainer, I LOVE programming Tabatas in my workouts as I find them to be highly effective, so imagine the intensity of a full hour of them! 😉

Barre Blitz is constantly varied as each instructor will change up the format to keep you guessing. It offers 45 minutes of high energy cardio, strength, and tone with 15 minutes of stretching and relaxation. Tap n’pow{h}er is another cool class, called “balanced fusion”. This class is designed to shape, tone, and elongate while messages of empowerment are sprinkled throughout the hour. It combines rotational, linear, isometric, range of motion and compound movement. Tap n’ pow{h}er is not only challenging, but fun and empowering at the same time!

Lastly, and I’ve saved the best for last (or at least my absolute favorite!), The Sand Barre offers Buti Yoga classes. What the heck is Buti yoga you ask?!?! Omgosh, only the most fun you could possibly have in an hour! (at least exercise related! lol) Buti yoga was created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold and is a powerful blend vinyasa-style yoga moves, tribal dance and plyometrics. The shades are drawn, lights dimmed, and candles lit, no, you’re not having a seance, nor will you be getting a massage, but you will work up a sweat and probably do some moves you didn’t think you knew how to do! Katherine taught all of the Buti Yoga classes I attended at Sand Barre and her high energy is contagious!! The best is when she tells you to “fly your dog” when you’re in the downward dog position. 🙂 This class is high energy, FUN, with great music that will leave you feeling empowered while it sculpts and tones the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. Even if you’re not familiar with yoga and you’ve never done any tribal dancing (I know I hadn’t!), you can follow along, go at your own pace and express yourself through all of the different movements.

Owners Audrey and Erika, as well as the entire team of trainers, have a great rapport with their clients and really put an emphasis on community, acceptance, and encouragement. “Yes you can” is something you will hear often in their classes. The Sand Barre states in their mission that their “classes are challenging, but you are guaranteed to leave feeling stronger and renewed with a smile on your face”. I definitely found this to be an accurate description! 🙂 #youbelonghere #yesyoucan

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