There are so many positive reasons to go to bvibrant Wellness Studio, it’s hard to know where to begin! I am so glad I’m doing this #fit12journey, otherwise I may never have discovered this place! If you would’ve told me you could do a 30 minute effective workout with minimal weights, that would improve your balance and flexibility, leave you without muscle soreness, reduce toxins in the body and give you an energy boost that lasts ALL Day, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t try it myself! 

The technology for vibration training was originally developed by the Soviets some 40 years ago to help prevent muscle atrophy and bone loss in astronauts. After seeing the success with that, it was later adapted for training professional sports teams and Olympic athletes overseas. Power Plates have only recently been in the United States, about 17 years, but are gaining attention in the fitness community.

A little skeptical would accurately describe how I felt about the effectiveness of this training, but after only a couple sessions I realized I was wrong about my assumption. The Power Plate works by vibrating on three planes. When it vibrates up and down, your muscle tone improves. When the plate moves left to right and front to back, your balance and coordination are improved. When you’re working on the plate you don’t necessarily realize these different planes, just the vibration itself, if that makes sense. It’s definitely a strange feeling, but each session I was adapting more and more to the vibration. The result from your muscles and nerves constantly having to adjust is improved strength and power, flexibility, balance, and tone and leanness. 

My first session Lisa Dimond, the owner of bvibrant studio, had me stand in front of the Power Plate. In my right arm I held a 10# dumbbell and did bicep curls. My left arm remained stationary mid curl while I was holding tension on a band attached to the power plate. After 30 seconds or so she asked which arm felt like it was working harder. It was ridiculous how intense the burn was in my left arm compared to feeling nothing in my right arm. She used this as a very powerful example of how normally when you lift weights your muscles are contracting 1-2 times per second, however on the Power Plate, its vibrations cause an automatic reflex muscle contraction of 25-40 times per second! So amazing!

When I said the energy boost lasts all day, what I really meant to say was EXACTLY that! 😉 You know that beautiful release of endorphins you get after your workout, how absolutely amazing you feel, instead of it fading within a couple of hours it literally stays with you throughout the day! This energy boost is a combination of increased blood flow, reduction of toxins, and a reduction of cortisol. Caution…this results in feeling AWESOME! 

Whether you take a group class at bvibrant(only $15- per class or $100- for 10 classes) or work one on one with a trainer, sessions last for 30 minutes. I had the pleasure of being trained on the Power Plate by Lisa as well as Kailin, both super nice, positive, and very knowledgeable. You begin with just a couple of minutes of stretching on the plate and then jump right into the full body workout. Some movements are simply body weight, for instance push ups on the plate or jump squats. Others involve light dumbbells, weighted bars, slam balls, kettle bells, or stability balls when you may be performing back lunges, bicep curls, or leg raises with this equipment. You’re typically staying with a movement for 30-45 seconds before switching to another exercise. Before you know it, it’s time for the massage and recovery! This is what helps to alleviate muscle soreness by breaking up the lactic acid and stimulating the lymphatic system as well. 

In addition to the Power Plates BVibrant also offers Beemer(enhances blood flow) and bioDensity therapy(improves the structure of the body). So many individuals can benefit from these three incredible devices. It’s a broad spectrum ranging from elite athletes to those battling Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or other neurological disorders. Lisa’s passion for helping others was evident not only when she described how they are daily changing lives, but also when I witnessed it first hand at the studio while she was working directly with people. During the month that I was there I saw a 93 year old stroke patient go from walking across the room and needing full assistance to walking on his own! It was nothing less than amazing to see the transformation!

So if you’re looking for a quick, effective workout with numerous wellness benefits, give bvibrant a try! With your first 3 sessions free you really have nothing to lose, except maybe a few unwanted pounds! 😉 #goodvibrations



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